Mechanism and steps of registration at the School’s Department of Online Instruction.

1- Students registration begins from age 5 to 9 years concerning levels One and Two.
2- Student registration concerning levels Three and Four begins from the age of 8 and higher.
3- Registration of Students in Advanced Level course begins from the age of 15 and higher.
4- Parents determine the appropriate level for their children after referring to the books and curricula, and recognizing the objectives and outcomes of the level they will select.
5- Parents insert student information in the Registration page, select the teacher’s name from the Curriculum Vitae page, and then send the application via the Registration page.
6- Within 48 hours, the School Administration will contact the parents via telephone and e-mail to complete the necessary procedures.
7- The managing director will communicate with the parents to explain and clarify the selected level and curricula to the student, and to introduce the teacher to the parents, and recognize the student. At the end of the call, the teacher conducts an interview with the student to recognize him and verify that the appropriate level had been selected for him.
8- The teacher communicates with the student in the set times. On their part, parents shall pay the fees within 5 days, and then send the registration bill to the School Administration via e-mail.
9- Inserting the student information in the Registration page shall occur only when registering for the first time. To pay the monthly fees, parents shall visit the Fees page and complete the required data.
The School Administration will send the suitable curriculum and books of the level via e-mail where the parents can print them according to the teaching plan and the curriculum.