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Strategy and Policy of the Program:

1- The School Administration believes in the principles of continuous coordination and consultation with parents regarding student age, schedule, and number of sessions.
2- For free-of-charge 90 minutes starting after student registration and before the commence of the sessions and payment of the fees, the Managing Director will explain the curriculum and the Advanced Level to the parents so as to clarify the objectives and outcomes of studying each of the School’s levels of education.
3- At the end of each session, a report on the student progress is to be sent to the parents’ private e-mail. A monthly report on the student’s overall educational level is to be sent to the parents also.
4- Preparing the place of the session, and appointing its time is the responsibility of the parents.
5- The parents shall always make sure that the student is setting, during the session, on a suitable chair and desk, and that the camera is working to insure an increased opportunity of communication with the teacher.
6- Monthly fees are to be paid within approximately seven days after the beginning of each month.
7- Monthly fees are to be paid in accordance with the number of hours scheduled during registration. In case of any increase or decrease in the number of scheduled hours, required fees are to be increased or decreased on payment in the following month.
8- In case of dropping out of program sessions without prior notice, the School Administration is entitled to the fees of the Program sessions in full.
9- Notification regarding student disruption to any of the sessions, under any circumstances, shall be sent 4 hours at least before the commence of the session. In this case, the fees for this session are to be deducted from next month fees.
10- Number of notices permitted for the student shall not exceed two permissions per month (except for medical excuse). In case of exceeding this limit, the fees of the missed sessions are to be paid in full.
11- In case of disruption to any session on the part of the teacher, the fees of this session are to be deducted from the next month fees.
12- In case of teacher’s disruption to two sessions, School Administration shall be informed at once so as to take necessary measures.