Curriculum and Stages of Education

Advanced Level

It consists of educational courses prepared for both teachers and parents with the aim of acquainting them with the Book “Al-Qa`idah An-Nuraniyyah” (the Nuraniyah Rule).
Courses explain the methods of learning and teaching the Book “Al-Qa`idah An-Nuraniyyah”. It is a great book that aimed at developing four personal skills namely, hearing, pronouncing, reading, and writing, which are the basic skills needed for learning the Arabic Language and the Noble Qur’an in terms of reading and writing.

Objectives of this Level:

1- For parents: It helps them enhance the levels of their children, and teach them the ability to read properly.
2- For teachers: It helps them extend the scope of educational process through developing their methods of teaching, including methods of explanation, introducing lessons, and assigning homework and exercise methodically.

Teaching Method:

This is a private course in which lecturer explains the course lessons directly to the student online.

Advanced Level Duration

The level duration differs from one person to another based on the the person’s ability to read. However, the average duration of this level is 30 hours.

Advanced Level Schedule

Student shall coordinate with the school administration to agree on a suitable schedule. For fees and registration, please click here