Curriculum and Stages of Education

Level Three

It is the level of flourishing and possessing the ability to read Arabic perfectly, learning the basic rules of Arabic grammar and theoretical rules of Tajwid, memorizing the two Juz’s of Amma and Tabarak of the Noble Qur’an.
After finishing Level One and Level Two, students possess the ability to read any Arabic word or sentence, be it short or long. They also possess the ability to recite from the Mushaf without needing help. Hence, students become qualified for Level Three.
In this Level, student learn the following:
1- Basic rules of Arabic Grammar: Types of words, nouns, verbs, subjects, objects, inchoatives, predicates, nominal and verbal clauses, demonstrative pronouns, relative pronouns, pronouns, prepositions, and other grammatical rules dedicated for this Level. These rules are studied through explaining the book “Mabadi’ `Ilm An-Nahw” (Basics of Arabic Grammar), along with reading the lessons and doing the exercises of the book “As-Sirah An-Nabawiyyah Lita`lim Al-`Arabiyyah Lil-Mubtadi’in” (Prophetic Biography for teaching Arabic to Beginners).
2- Theoretical rules of Tajwid: Izhar (Manifestation of letters), Ikhfa’ (Lowering the sound), Idgham (Assimilation of letters), Iqlab (Alteration), Ghunnah (Nasalization), Madd (Vowel Prolongation), Makharij Al-Huruf (Articulation of sounds), Sifat Al-Huruf (Attributes of Letters), and other theoretical rules of Tajwid. These rules are learned through studying the book “Al-Khulasah Fi `Ilm At-Tajwid” (Summary of Tajwid).
3- Memorizing Juz’ Amma and Juz’ Tabarak.

Level Three Duration: 150 hours.

Level Three Schedule

Full time 5 sessions / week 60 minutes / session 200 USD per month
Full time 3 sessions / week 60 minutes / session 120 USD per month