Curriculum and Stages of Education

Level Two

It is the level of training on acquiring and developing the skills of fluent speech and pronunciation.
After studying Level One, completing the book “Al-Qa’idah An-Nuraniyyah” (The Nuraniyah Rule), memorizing 22 Surah of Juz’ Amma, and learning reading and writing, students begin to study Level Two. The purpose of studying this level is to acquire and develop the skills of fluent speech and pronunciation, and enhance students’ performance through intensive reading, numerous repetitions of and looking at the Arabic words in both handwriting and Uthmani script.
In this level, students study 24 text selected from the books of Arabic Language and Islamic Literatures. They also involve in training on reciting the Glorious Qur'an through completing a practical Tajwid-based recitation of Juz’ Amma.

Level Two Duration: 36 hours.

Level Two Schedule

Full time 3 sessions / week 60 minutes / session 120 USD per month